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How can we get water leakage services in Kolkata?

Water leakage is a very common issue at home. SS Home Care is a company that provides protective coating and painting by elastomeric. It protects your building and walls from cracks, and ultraviolet rays and provides heat resistance. Our painting service allows you to breathe freely. We ensure that your house will be attractive, decorative, and colorful. SS Home Care serves you the best water leakage services in Kolkata. Our painting services protect the wall from dust and dirt properly. We ensure waterproof services as well.

The anti-corrosive coating is also given for the metal which is corrosion prone. SS Home Care also provides damp treatment services in Kolkata. At first, we identify the wall as damp, next we chipped out the old plaster, then apply to dry the entire area after that we use to cleaning the area with a brush. The next step for our painters is to apply waterproof chemicals on the wall. The final touch given that is the plaster of the wall and building properly.

SS Home Care provides knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They have knowledge of sealants and their application that will help you to maintain the integrity of the home. We choose the correct paint depending on the area applied and the properties of the material paint. Repairing services of SS Home Care is very strengthening and the protection system improves the concrete quality that provides you protection to your house structure. Plumbing services (piping, cPVC, uPVC, PVC, etc) are also given by our company to our customers.