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Roof treatment service is likely the most expensive investment along with a very important step. The roof is the main structure of your house. Every roof’s lifespan is 10 to 20 years that depends on the products used for making it. SS Home Care provides the best roof treatment service in Kolkata. We serve qualitative services to our customers as we know the roof protects all your loved ones and cherished possessions inside it. The roof is also responsible for protecting against rain. We deliver experienced professionals.

Our professionals are skillful and have finished their work. Any kind of roof damage can be seen, we are here to serve you the best roof damage services in Kolkata. It helps your roof from water leakage. Our repairing services are really appreciable as your roof will last for 10 years. The services offer to you at a reasonable cost. Not for repairing but SS Home Care also concerns the building of your roof as first construction will be perfect then your roof lasts for many years.

SS Home Care uses good materials for the construction of your roof at a reasonable cost. Natural disasters such as high wind, hail, and weather events may create great damage to roofs; our company takes the guarantee that will protect your roofs from damage as far as possible. Ultraviolet ray is a major issue for your building or house our professionals ensure to protect against such damage. The customers are revisiting to our company who used to take services from us.